New Libelula Wedding Dresses

Look what arrived in the shop this weekend!

The Libelula velvet Dulwich coat was a firm favourite even before Kate Middleton or, as we should call her now, the Duchess of Cambridge, started to wear it.

As the exclusive stockists of the beautiful Libelula wedding dresses, it crossed our minds that a simple but elegant coat for Winter weddings would be an utterly unique and fabulous addition to the collection and designer, Sophie Cranston was happy to oblige with this exclusive cream silk, velvet, full length version of her classic design.

There aren’t many of these coats in existence and one is already reserved so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested to visit the shop and try one on for fit.  The coat looks stunning over all of Sophie’s exquisite dresses but is pictured with the Vinnie dress in silk georgette.

In the gallery below there are a few more pictures of the wedding dresses. We have most styles in stock in most sizes, at the moment, along with a few one off styles in size 10 only.

The prices range from £650 to £900 which is incredible for 100% silk dresses (including the lining). Customers have bought them recently for weddings on cliff tops to classic English churches. When you want a dress that you wear with happiness throughout the day, rather than a dress that wears you, these vintage inspired, beautifully  and generously cut dresses beat the alternatives hands down.

We also have the Dulwich coat in the classic short length in cream velevet, if you’re going for a short dress for your special day or even if one sounds lovely for some other special occasion. Just remember, they’re only available at Katharine Bird.

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