Day Birger et Mikkelson or as we like to call it, DAY!

Day Birger et Mikkelson, universally shortened to just ‘Day’ even though there is also a Night Birger et Mikkelson (!), is one of those labels that, once you’ve discovered it, you don’t know how you ever lived without it.  One of a small but excellent group of Scandinavian labels to emerge in the noughties, Day Birger et Mikkelson is romance personified: delicate details, stunning prints, scrumptious fabrics.  The styling is often quite loose which adds to the flowing romance and also makes the fit easy and comfortable. This doesn’t mean Day Birger et Mikkelson is unflattering however.  It’s young, cutting edge fashion for any age, for any occasion and often a whole load of occasions in one outfit!  Day Birger et Mikkelson also makes really lovely accessories that often sell out in a flash and is particularly strong in separates and dresses.  If you’ve never encountered Day Birger et Mikkelson before, when you do it’ll make your DAY!

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