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WeUnisa: The most comfortable stylish shoes in the world‘ve stocked Unisa shoes and boots for as long as I can remember and for good reason.  They always compliment our clothes perfectly and, due to their excellent construction and balance, they are some of the most comfortable footwear available.

Comfort, particularly in high heals, isn’t about the label or the price. It’s about the balance – making sure the heel doesn’t throw all of your weight onto your toes. Not only does this make the balls of your feet feel like agony almost immediately, it ruins your posture, throwing your back into spasms of pain.

We’re not promising that a Unisa heel will never give you a bit of discomfort but the fact that people come back and back again tells us that their claim that they’re most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn, must be true.

Unisa, made in Spain – the home of great footwear manufacture , also use great materials. Their patent colours – both Winter and Summer have been a favourite for a number of years. They also used classic Napa leather, Snake, Suede and Nubuck, amongst others.

In Summer they produce some lovely sandals, along with their stunning court shoes, whilst in Winter, we always have ‘must have’ boots, particularly high boots that look great with skirts, leggings and skinny jeans.

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  • 1 Alexandra Williams wrote:


    Unisa love shoes.
    My husband is Spanish and occasionally go to Spain. Whenever I can buy some shoes there.

    Also follow their collections online http://www.facebook.com/UnisaEuropa

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