MW by Matthew Williamson

This is what Matthew has to say about his new boutique label (courtesy of

Fashionista: Tell me about this collection and what’s different from your main line.
Matthew Williamson: I hate the word “diffusion,” but it is a diffusion line in the sense that it’s a secondary level to the main line. It’s less red carpet, less glamorous, less jet set, all those DNA qualities of the main line. They’re there, but they’re in much more subtle form, and it’s more about a day wardrobe for a more urban, contemporary, younger customer.

You have some specific design elements you’re well known for. What did you keep and what did you pitch for this line?
I kept the love of pattern, color, print, texture, effortless glamour.

What is challenging about a lower priced line? What do you have to give up?
With this line, weirdly, not very much. Because it’s owned by an Italian company, everything is manufactured in Italy, so the quality is certainly not sacrificed. It probably would be with a high street collaboration, but in this instance it’s not. It’s mid-priced. It’s not a cheap, low-end line. The quality is absoblutely there. It’s amazing what you can do.

It’s not often any shop can describe their clothing as exclusive but this is Matthew’s very first MW collection and the UK stockists are limited and we may well have items that no one else has in the world. Regardless, the collection is to die for – beautifully cut, flattering, glamorous, fantastic fabrics and colour. Everything you’d want from Matthew Williamson in fact but at a boutique price. Check out selected items below.

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